Renewable energy advocates claim that their plan will lower our electric costs, but are they telling us the whole story?

If renewables are supposed to save us money, why do we need renewable mandates at all?

Data shows that states with renewable mandates have much higher electric bills.

Customers, not utility shareholders, bear the full risk of rate hikes caused by renewable mandates – and don’t forget the rates in California have already gone up 80%.

Our businesses, our state and our families, especially the poor and those on fixed incomes, need protection from rate hikes. Just how much are these mandates going to cost?

Why haven’t we even conducted a study to determine the rate impact of renewable mandates?

Why aren’t they telling us that without an effective rate cap in place, New Mexico families and businesses will be paying much higher electric bills?

Tell the governor and state legislators we need them to protect us from energy poverty by enacting a rate cap for as long as renewable mandates are in place.

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