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Legislative proposals including securitizing stranded costs, increasing the renewable portfolio standard, or limitations on coal-fired generating plants must address the impacts to state and municipal budgets, jobs and electricity rates.
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Win-Win Solution Found for San Juan Generating Station

The City of Farmington and the people of San Juan County have found a win-win solution for the San Juan Generating Station that will make many of the costly and complex provisions in Senate Bill 489 unnecessary. The City of Farmington currently holds the right to...

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PNM’s plan to close San Juan Generating Station Examined

PNM’s “rationale” for seeking to close San Juan Generating Station was thoroughly examined during the company’s Integrated Resource Plan filing with the New Mexico Public Regulatory Commission. The company’s justification for its plan were severely lacking. In fact,...

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Why SB489 is so bad for New Mexico utility customers

Senate Bill 489 (click to download) bails out New Mexico's largest public utility, PNM. This bill doesn't even contemplate protecting electric customers from rapidly increasing electric rates. This bill is bad public policy that if enacted without adequate safeguard...

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Add A Rate Cap to Senate Bill 489

Senate Bill 489 has something for almost everyone, except the utility customers that will need to fund this monumental transition to renewable energy. The bill has a bailout for PNM to ensure that its shareholders don’t have to face the negative financial consequences...

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Are PNM’s Stranded Costs of Their Own Making?

The rationale for utility stranded cost recovery is controversial. This rationale for recovery is predicated on the concept of the “regulatory compact.” The specifics of such a “regulatory compact” is not explicitly defined nor generally agreed upon by the various...

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