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Legislative proposals including securitizing stranded costs, increasing the renewable portfolio standard, or limitations on coal-fired generating plants must address the impacts to state and municipal budgets, jobs and electricity rates.
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San Juan Generating Station is NOT destined to shut down

It is ready for transformation into a global leadership facility for environmental stewardship Farmington, NM - City of Farmington’s post Legislative Session path forward: The City of Farmington thanks the San Juan Legislative Delegation for its hard work this...

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SB489 on Tipping Point New Mexico Podcast

Attorney and utility expert Germaine Chappelle returns to the Rio Grande Foundation's Tipping Point New Mexico Podcast to discuss SB 489 the Energy Transition Act. This legislation just passed the New Mexico Senate (although it had not when we recorded earlier in the...

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Latest on CO2 Capture Technology 2018

MHI Engineering, Ltd., an MHI Group company based in Yokohama, provides technology, engineering, and execution for global infrastructure projects including Ammonia & Urea plants Methanol Plants Acrylic Acid Plants Polyethylene Plants LNG Receiving Terminals &...

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Economic Impact of San Juan Generating Station

Highlights of a study commissioned by Four Corners Economic Development shows the impact of the San Juan Generating Station and San Juan Coal Company on local communities, the State of New Mexico, and the Federal Government.  If the San Juan Generating Station is not...

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